Options to Save Money by Renting Short-Term Office Space

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Options to Save Money by Renting Short-Term Office Space

As much as possible, you might want to cut down your expenses to save more money for your business. Finding the perfect office space is already a challenge, but looking for a short-term office space to rent is an entirely different story. Here are some tips that could help you reduce your costs when finding the right office space for you.

  1. First, you need to be good at having negotiations with your landlord. If they do not seem to agree with the rate that you are offering, simply revealing to them that you are dealing with multiple landlords will do the trick because some will just agree with your offer not to lose a potential tenant. Make sure that you are creating a sense of competition between the two of you to have a more effective negotiation.
  2. Hire a space planner. Make sure that before you start searching for a short-term office space, you work with a space planner to help you determine the effectiveness and the usability of a certain area. You can also create a plan or layout to determine the right size that you are looking for in your business.
  3. Take some time. About 6 months is enough when you are searching for the ideal office space for your business. Do not rush everything because this could be one of the most crucial expenditures that you are going to spend for your business. It doesn’t matter if you’ll spend the next 12 months looking for the perfect place for as long as the usability is effective.
  4. Pay attention to the build-out costs. Since you are renting a short-term office space, make sure that you also consider the build-out costs included in your payment. The last thing that you want to experience is having unwanted financial surprises once you have moved into the area. Design issues and additional costs should be taken into consideration before you finally moved into the place.

  1. Consider the entire package. Analyze the package carefully, is the monthly rental in your budget range? How about the relocation allowances, build-out costs and other additional expenditures that you need to pay? Can you afford to pay it all without losing too much money? You need to evaluate whether or not you are compatible with the entire package.
  2. Work in a team. In looking for a short-term office space to rent, make sure that you hire a space planner, architect, brokers, inspectors, and contractors so that they can help you determine and evaluate the office space if it is the right one for you. Being able to work in a team will guarantee that you’ll have so many ideas to consider and you’ll be able to choose the perfect office space correctly. Do not rely on the in-house services provided by your landlord. You should hire on your own because you are going to explain to them your business and that will be their major consideration in choosing the ideal short-term office space rental.

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